The Process Projects Story

The idea is simple, but also big: 

Create and complete a given project while documenting the entire process, beginning to end.

Carlos and Jack have been friends for a long time and have always talked about collaborating on a project.  After doing the SketchZone podcast together for over a year and talking about doing a project again they came up with the idea to create something together…but what would set this apart from the other times they’ve tried:  Document the entire process!  But why?

A User Manual for The Creative Process

We were reminded of when we were starting out creating web comics, illustrated books, websites, animations, toys, games, films, novels, and stories that the entire process can seem like a mystery and be completely overwhelming.  It’s easy to back away simply because you don’t even know where to start or worse, you look for inspiration and instruction online and become even more overwhelmed by the impossibly high bar that has been set by the professional work that is out there.

We want to attempt to demystify the process, or at least put to a magnifying glass, fully transparent and watch it unfold.  This is as much a learning exercise for us as it is for you.  We want to expose the organic dynamics of the creative process and watch it break itself down from beginning to end.


One of the biggest stumbling blocks we, and many people, have is accountability.  It’s easy to get fired up about a project, start it, but then burn out or lose interest and let it fall by the way side.  Having accountability, be it a client, boss, creative partner, or even yourself is an important aspect of making it to the finish line.

By recording and documenting the creative process, we are putting the spotlight on accountability.  Not only do we want to keep each other in check to finish the project at hand, but there is a secondary, simultaneous project of The Process Project documentation that will keep us accountable to you, the viewer and to the documentation process.

Setting built-in “clients” with deadlines/goals (yourself, your audience, a convention deadline) ensure you success to follow through.  Stick with us, follow along, and please, help keep us accountable.