After S1E2:Character, Carlos and I did some sketching to figure out the character designs for the Robot and the Monster.  Interestingly, we ended up choosing Carlos’ robot character design and my monster character design.   It will be interesting to marry the two styles and make them work on  a page together in a book. […]

Ok, so that meeting was crazy.  I thought my monsters were stronger than my robots, but my robot was picked!  Funny how making someone’s head a little bigger makes them more appealing.  We picked one of Jack’s monster sketches.  I love that panda looking dude.  Now the homework is to firm up the sketches and […]

During our inaugural meeting for Season 1, Jack and I announced we were collaborating on an concept for an illustrated story book.  You can read more about the meeting here.  In this post I will be sharing with you, my notes from the meeting as well as the process of my homework and discuss reference, inspiration, tools and concept design.

After our brainstorming session in Episode 1: Brainstorming Carlos and I fleshed out the story line and how the characters fit into the plot.  We put together a very clear path for the arcs of each character, what they learn from each other and how they evolve over the course of the story.  Now we both […]