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S1:E4: Color

After roughing out the characters and talking about what we like and don’t like in S1:E2: Character and breaking off to further explore the designs in Carlos’ Homework and Jack’s Homework we come together to discuss the final nature of the characters and their overall design, specifically, color.  We came together with some surprisingly similar agreements […]

S1:Poll: Names!

The Process Projects is taking listener ideas in a reader poll!  The Season 1: Illustrated Story Book has two characters, a robot and a monster.  In S1:E2: Character and S1:E4: Color, Carlos and Jack designed the characters.  The homework refined the thoughts and created two very lovable characters.  But…the don’t have names! That’s where the poll comes in!

S1:E3: Story

Because the Season 1 project is a story book, we need to figure out a story!  Carlos and Jack created a rough premise in the S1E1: Brainstorming but now is the time to really nail down the flow of the plot, how the characters interact, where our themes come into play and how everything fits in […]

S1:E2: Character

We gather up the homework from Episode 1 and critique each other’s work.  Now is the time to talk about details for each character.  We find commonalities between the robots and monsters that Carlos and Jack created and then start doodling on top of the concepts to combine aspects from our favorite ideas into one.

S1:E1: Brainstorming: Jack’s Homework

After our brainstorming session in Episode 1: Brainstorming Carlos and I fleshed out the story line and how the characters fit into the plot.  We put together a very clear path for the arcs of each character, what they learn from each other and how they evolve over the course of the story.  Now we both […]

S1:E1: Brainstorming

In the debut episode we reveal the project we will be working on in Season 1:  An Illustrated Story Book!  The initial session follows the brainstorming session based off an elevator pitch idea; watch it bloom, explode, and even unravel a little.  We discuss format, approximate length and really start to break down characters, the […]